What can you tell me about the students and staff I might be working with at the Museum?

The students and staff are all Khmer with very basic English language skills, and some have none at all.
The children at the museum range in age between 6 and 21 years old. They come from all over rural areas of Cambodia because they were orphaned, abandoned, or neglected – some are victims of Polio and others did not have access to education in their home villages.
The staff are all very friendly Khmers dedicated to their jobs and their families. Many live near the museum or at the museum.

What should I prepare prior to traveling to Cambodia to volunteer?

We recommend that you apply for a visa prior to arriving in Cambodia. Make sure to bring plenty of conservative and light weight clothing because of the culture and heat.
If you have additional skills, ideas, or prior experience (for the Relief Center, School, or farm – such as techniques or fun games) please let us know! We love to hear any new ideas.

What types of programs or classes might I be involved with?

Volunteers can be placed anywhere they believe they will be the most use and can work in most areas. If you would like to implement music, sports, art or other additional activities for our students, we would love to hear about it! We are looking to expand “extracurricular” activities for our students.

What if I (the volunteer) have specific skills?

If you are handy with graphic design, agriculture, PR or anything else please let us know if you would like to be involved with those aspects of our organization.

How long am I expected to volunteer? How many hours per week?

We encourage our volunteers to come for a minimum of 2 months to really make an impact in the daily lives of our students. Volunteers would work 4 days per week for approximately 6 hours each day.

Should I plan to fundraise before arriving?

Absolutely! We would are honored to have volunteers fundraise for our cause and also to support themselves while they are volunteering.

Do you have an orientation set up for volunteers?

We are in the process of setting up a volunteer orientation. The orientation would include a history of Cambodia, a tour of Siem Reap, and a basic Khmer lesson.

What should I do about food and water?

When you arrive you will quickly discover food and water are very affordable in Cambodia. It is almost as cheap to go out for food for every meal rather than to cook for yourself. While here, we HIGHLY recommend only drinking bottled water.

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