We pursue a world free of war’s remains

To support our mission:

With use of landmines and ordnance, wars leave behind a legacy of suffering and impoverishment long after the soldiers depart.

What remains: civilian casualties, prevention against the use of land, and hindrances to social and economic development.

To uplift these communities, we fund projects...
(1) to clear mines and (2) to build key infrastructure.

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Operating out of Siem Reap, Cambodia, we achieve this goal through many projects:

CSHD works to remove landmines and unexploded ordinance (UXO) throughout Cambodia. The EOD and EORE teams also educate villagers and students about the dangers of landmines and UXO and what to do if one is found. 

CSHD is a Cambodian NGO supported by Landmine Relief Fund, and founded by Aki Ra, an ex-child soldier; his wife, Hourt; and Bill Morse, president of Landmine Relief Fund.

In the early 2000s, Aki Ra was clearing landmines on his own with a stick and screwdriver. In 2003, he met Bill Morse. A few years later, Aki Ra, Bill, and Hourt created CSHD to help make Cambodia a safer place. 

Today, Cambodian Self-Help Demining has 36 staff members comprised of a 16-person demining team; 2, 4-person explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) teams; 1, 4-person explosive ordinance risk education (EORE) team; and an office staff of 8.

Learn more on their website here.

RSSO’s mission is to aid rural and underserved communities in Cambodia through its two programs: Rural Schools Village Program (RSVP), and The Together Project (TTP).

RSVP is focused on building schools in rural villages with insufficient access to education, many built on areas which used to host landmines and UXO. 

TTP is focused on teaching its national communities to grow chemical-free, nutritious crops. The team regularly instructs classes from TTP’s farm and even builds mushroom houses at schools around the country.

Learn more about RSSO and its programs on its website here.

Unfortunately anti-personnel and -vehicle mines are actively used in the Russian-Ukraine War, so far resulting in 15% of Ukraine farmland contaminated with mines and ordnance (as of April 2024, according to GLOBSEC).

Landmine Relief Fund has provided financial support toward education for landmine clearance and demining.

We serve as advisory to implement national-based demining organizations in countries outside of Cambodia. 

Our Partners

In the course of our work, we have built partnerships with many organizations in Cambodia and around the world. Each one is vital to the work we do here – without them we would not be nearly as successful.