The Cocvid-19 pandemic has hit Cambodia hard.  While there have been few infections, in Siem Reap the tourist industry has collapsed.  Hotels are closed, restaurants are shuttered and thousands have lost their jobs.  There is barely a tuk tuk to be found.  Pub Street and the Night Market are closed and dark. Without tourists there is no money.  Without money there is no food.

The Landmine Relief Fund, working with the Rural Schools Village Program is instituting a food distribution program.  We began giving away food in late April.  We plan to provide 1,000 relief packages every month; and we want to sustain this for at least 4 months.  We are coordinating this program with the local communes and the wats.  We will also be drving to villages and giving away rice, noodles, sauces, salt and sugar.  So far the LMRF has raised enough money to buy 20 tons of rice.  We have contracted for another 20 tons and will purchase a third in May.

None of this is done alone.  We can only sustain this program with  your help.  Please, click the donations button above and donate whatever you can.  We have donors donating $3 and we have donors donating stock that is sold to buy food for people who will have little or nothing to eat soon.  Very soon

Landmines in Cambodia

Cambodia is still one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. Cambodians have suffered through decades of conflict, including a civil war, the brutal Khmer Rouge regime and genocide, American bombings, and Vietnamese occupation.

Landmines and unexploded ordnances are left over from the fighting, contaminating land in Cambodia. Dozens of civilians are injured or killed every year by them. Millions of the landmines have now been cleared, but there is still a long way to go; it is estimated Cambodia will not be entirely cleared of landmines for several decades to come.


The Landmine Relief Fund is partnering with Three Hotels Joining Hands to help them raise funds to combat hunger in Siem Reap. donations to them, from their website, re made here.
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Babu and everyone at the LMRF
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Bill Morse, Founder and President

Who We Are

The Landmine Relief Fund (LMRF) is a U.S. based 501c3 charity that supports the work of Cambodian NGOs. It was established by Bill Morse in 2003 to support the mine-clearing work of Cambodian Self-Help Demining (CSHD), a Cambodian NGO founded by ex-child soldier and CNN hero Aki Ra. 

We work to provide Cambodians the opportunity to live safely, without the constant threat of danger from weapons left behind after nearly 35 years of war

If you like to go to the movies, check out the flick done about us and our work:

Until They’re Gone – a movie about landmines and people who clear them.

What We Do

The Landmine Relief Fund raises money for CSHD’s landmine-clearing work. Additionally, we support Aki Ra’s other projects, such as the school at the Cambodia Landmine Museum in Siem Reap, which offers English lessons to local children, and the Rural School Village Program (RSVP), which builds schools in rural villages where CSHD has cleared minefields or where there is no access to education. 

The LMRF supports work in Cambodia to make it better, safer, and self-sufficient. There is nothing in Cambodia that cannot be done by Cambodians. All the work LMRF does is in conjunction with Cambodian charities and Cambodian NGOs. 

Aki Ra, Founder of CSHD, RSVP, and the Cambodia Landmine Museum & Relief Center

Our Partners

In the course of our work, we have built partnerships with many organizations in Cambodia and around the world. Each organization is vital to the work we do in Cambodia; without them we would not be nearly as successful as we have been.

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