About Us

Who is going to worry about a country most people cannot even find on a map?

We are.

We fund the Cambodian Self-Help Demining team in order to save lives. Our goal is to provide Cambodians the opportunity to live safely, without the constant threat of danger from weapons left behind after nearly 35 years of war.

The LMRF has 2 staff members living full-time in Cambodia working as advisors. Additionally, they receive a rotating intern from the United States every 6 months.

What does the money raised go towards?

The money we collect, from supporters around the world, is used to support the work of Cambodian Self-Help Demining, Aki Ra’s demining organization. Our charter also allows us to support the work of the Cambodian Landmine Museum, the Rural School Village Program, The Together Project, and other projects stemming from either CSHD or the Museum.

What have we done with the money to date?

  • Purchased demining equipment and trucks for Cambodian Self-Help Demining
  • Established several Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams, including mobile EOD teams 
  • Built 28 schools for the Rural School Village Program
  • Provided over 3,700 children with school supplies
  • Supported an additional 5 schools with school supplies
  • Supported the university scholarship program at the Cambodia Landmine Museum
  • Provided COVID-19 Relief with over 250 tons of food donated and delivered to those in need
  • Constructed a successful  Sustainable Crop Farming Program, with plans to replicate it in remote rural villages


YOU are part of the solution.

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