The Landmine Relief Fund supports work in Cambodia to make it better, safer, and self sufficient.  All the work LMRF does is in conjunction with Cambodian charities and Cambodian NGOs. There is nothing in Cambodia that cannot be done by Cambodians.

The LMRF Raises Money For:

1. Cambodian Self Help Demining (CSHD), which has cleared over 231 minefields and 7,953,017 square meters of land in Cambodia, assisting tens of thousands of people to live a safer life.

2. CSHD’s bomb squads, the EOD teams (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). They have destroyed thousands of landmines and UXOs found by villagers. They also give Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EROE) classes to schools and villages across Cambodia.

3. Rural School Village Program (RSVP) which has built 26 schools as of 2021 and is supporting over 3,700 children every month. RSVP’s mission is to provide a quality education to primary school aged children in areas where they didn’t formerly have a school. RSVP also provides a toilet and a well at each school, and ensure that every teacher is paid sufficiently

6. The Together Project (TTP). The TTP has donated over 250 tons of food to those suffering from the  COVID-19 pandemic. It has also expanded to developing a completely Self-sustaining farming system. With a Hydroponic Greenhouse, Net Garden, and Aqua Pond, the TTP plans to duplicate this farm  at or near schools built by RSVP.

5. The LMRF supports the Cambodia Landmine Museum Relief Center and its university scholarship program. 

6. The LMRF has provided emergency medical assistance to those who cannot afford medical care.


We can do this because you have become part of the solution.

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