The Landmine Relief Fund

Supporting Cambodian Self Help Demining

The Landmine Relief Fund is a non profit NGO dedicated to supporting the work of Cambodian Self Help Demining, the Cambodian Landmine Museum, and its founder, Aki Ra.  We are specifically dedicated to assisting them in their work of eradicating landmines throughout the country of Cambodia and caring for the children living at the Landmine Museum Relief Center.

How the Money is Used:

The money we collect, from supporters around the world, is used to support the work of Cambodian Self Help Demining, Aki Ra’s new demining organization. Our charter also allows us to support the work of the Cambodian Landmine Museum and other projects stemming from either CSHD or the CLLMM.

The LMRF has 2 staff members living in Cambodia. They are working with CSHD and the Museum to assist in implementing our mission and helping CSHD and the Museum and Relief Center meet theirs.

Cambodian Self-help Demining NGO

In 2008 we accomplished our task of establishing a new demining NGO  in Cambodia, run by and for Khmers to clear landmines and UXOs in low priority areas around the Kingdom.

Rural School Village Program (RSVP)

In many villages where we have cleared landmines they have no access to education.  The LMRF and CSHD and the Landmine Museum have partnered to create RSVP.  We provide villages with the material to build their own school.  The villagers hire the most educated person in the village to be the teacher.  RSVP provides the textbooks, the school supplies, and in many cases the salaries for the teachers.  Today (October 2014) we support 9 schools and nearly 1,000 students.  4 of our schools are also supported in part by the Ministry of Education.