Landmine Relief Fund supports an NGO called, Rural School Support Organization (RSSO). One of RSSO’s initiatives is a program called The Together Project (TTP). The Together Project was started in 2020 During the COCID-19 Pandemic. Siem Reap is dependent on the tourist industry and was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Many Cambodians couldn’t feed their families. The Together Project distributed over 400 tons of rice to hungry people in Siem Reap through the pandemic. 

Today, The Together Project has a teaching farm that helps Cambodians grow their own chemical-free crops. The Together Project is dedicated to growing alternative and more nutritional crops than what is typically grown in Cambodia (rice, corn, and cassava). The Together Project makes its own natural fertilizers and constantly experiments with different ingredients. The Together Project uses netting and its natural fertilizers to replace toxic pesticides. 

The Together Project’s farm is located in Bakong, near Siem Reap, and has a netted greenhouse, hydroponic greenhouse, mushroom house, and schoolhouse. The netted greenhouse is used to experiment with new crops. The hydroponic greenhouse grows plants in water. This system uses less water than plants grown in the ground and condenses crops into a smaller space. Hydroponics are great for people living in urban areas. The mushroom house can produce up to 100 kilos of straw mushrooms a month. The Together Project has built 2 mushroom houses at local schools. These schools and their students benefit from the profit the mushroom houses generate. The Together Project teaches students and villagers in the schoolhouse.

Learn more about The Together Project on its website here